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Baker County Library District

Winter Reading Challenge 2021

Read and enter for a chance to win a Kobo eReader!
Winter Reading Challenge 2021

Fill out your name and contact info on the Kids Reading Log!
Read for 12 hours or 24 books. Audiobooks count too! Each quarter of a circle equals 15 minutes of reading or 1 book. Fill in the spaces as you read.

Use the Adults Reading Log to set a goal for yourself on how many pages you will aim to read. If you are unsure of how many pages to set as a goal, we recommend 600 pages, which is the equivalent average of 2 or 3 books.

From December 17 2021 through January 31 2022, read and record the number of pages of your goal. Books, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, books read to your kids or family and/or audiobooks all count. No cheating! Let us know if you need help determining the page count for an audiobook you've read.

Total and return your reading log to the library by 1/31/22 at 7:00 PM (Pacific) to receive a prize an entry in the Grand Prize Drawing. Digital copies / photos of entry forms can be emailed to

If you reach your goal early, keep reading! For additional pages/books you read (600 pages for Adults; 24 books for kids), you can earn an additional entry for the Grand Prize.

Thanks to the Baker County Friends of the Library, the Grand Prize for adults will be a Kobo eReader. We have more than one to give!

The Kiddos' Grand Prize is still a surprise. Stay tuned -- it will be a good one!