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Baker County Library District

Archive of historical photos of Baker County, Oregon

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Digital Archive of Historical Photos

Historical Photo Archive
This online resource contains nearly 10,000 digitized records of vintage photographs and select documents scanned from the Baker County Library Archives. 

 Featured image:

1885_Parade-MainStParade on Main Street, 1800-2100 blocks. There's a band on lead wagon. ca1885. [Object ID 1981.1.416]

The archives of Baker County Library contain around 10,000 items including historic photographs and photo negatives. This online resource contains about 80% of those records as digitized images.

This archive is dedicated to the memory of Pearl Hayden Jones, Grace Lewis, Dorothy York, & Laura Hayse, four dedicated volunteers who worked on this photo collection for many years. It is maintained by Gary Dielman, local author, historian, and volunteer curator/archivist of the Baker County Library's historic photo collection for over thirty years. Many thanks to Gary & all our wonderful volunteers!

How to help: 

If you have historic photos of Baker County, please consider helping to preserve and share the rich history of our region by contacting us to arrange a loan or gift of the items for inclusion in the county library archive.  Monetary contributions help provide archival supplies and are also gratefully received.  Volunteers may also be needed to help index or digitize items for the archive. 

Thank you for your support!

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A variety of essays on Oregon history and culture written by local historian Gary Dielman. 

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