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Baker County Library District

Summer Reading Programs

2015 - EVERY HERO HAS A STORY! Grab your mask, cape & amazing book because this summer is all about the heroes among and inside everyone of us!


Q. What happens if you go all summer without reading? 

A. Sloth Lord the Supervillain turns your brain into mush!! 

Not really, but statistics show you may lose all the hard work you put into it last year. Here’s a fun and rewarding way to keep that from happening! Join us for our summer reading enrichment programs. Win prizes by reading books! Meet and learn about local heroes! Defeat obstacles, conquer your fears, blow up your self-esteem, and make friends with other fantastic people —all at your local public library!

Warning: You may learn something new along the way too!

Our 2015 Every Hero Has a Story! Summer programs offer age appropriate activities for children and youth ages 0-12! Programs begin June 16 and end August 13. 

Register in person or by phone beginning Thursday, June 1



Tue (10-11am): Ages 0-4.    Wed, Thu, & Fri (10-11am): Ages 5+

Activity Schedule

  • June 16-19: Introducing heroes / Make a  mask
  • June 24 - 26: The "hero inside" / Make a cape
  • July 1- 2: Superhero camp 
  • July 3: KIDDIE PARADE OF HEROES!! We get to show off our awesome hero costumes! 9:30am - Judging. 10am - Parade starts
  • July 8 - 10: Power practice / Medals of Power
  • July 15 - 17: "I can fly!"
  • July 22 - 24: Meet local heroes - Firemen! In firetrucks!
  • July 29 - 31: Hero of History - Joe Meek
  • Aug 5 - 7: Obstacle Course
  • Aug 13, 9am - 12pm: CARNIVAL FINALE!! Time to celebrate like heroes! Join us at the North Baker School gym for games, redeeming prizes, and the bike raffle.

CONTACT: Miss Melissa, . 541-523-6419


Friday's, June 19 - July 31, 12:30 - 1:30pm

Activity Schedule 

  • June 19: Intro / Mask Making
  • June 26: Community Hero - Baker County Sheriff's Office
  • July 3: Community Hero - Sheila Holman / Service dogs
  • July 10: Superhero Science
  • July 17: "I Can Fly" / Paper Airplanes
  • July 24: Community Hero - Haines Fire Department
  • July 31: Culmination Activity - Heroes Obstacle Course

CONTACT: Katie Ash, . 541-856-3309


Thursdays, 3:00-4:00pm

Activity Schedule

  • June 25: We're All Heroes!  Heroes are cool: Design your own superhero name and costume
  • July 2: Superhero Training Camp. Heroes are strong: Fun activities to prove your Super Strength!
  • July 9: Animal Heroes. Heroes help others: Lean about the animals that help people and meet a dog hero!
  • July 16: Heroes Make a Difference! Heroes fight for Justice: Meet someone who is helping girls AND boys who want to race bicycles!
  • July 23: Heroes in Your Town. Heroes save lives: Find out about the heroes in Halfway who take care of us when times are tough.
  • July 30: Superhero Sleepover!  Heroes are brave: Bring your favorite stuffie to the library and we'll transform them into Superheroes, then let them have a sleepover -- ALL ALONE IN THE LIBRARY!

CONTACT: Kat Davis,