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Computer User Guid


Please check with a staff member if you have problems signing in.
More about SAM      |    Lock Your Station   |      Printing         |         Privacy      |        Time Limits 

Before you begin - If you think you may need to print anything, see staff to add money to your account. 

  • Select an available workstation.
  • Enter your library card number and your PIN number. * 
  • Read and accept Library Computer Use Policy [first time users only].
  • Click on [OK].
  • Always click on [End Session] when you are finished to protect your privacy.
    * Don't know your PIN number?
    Ask for help at the circulation desk.

Computer Session Time Limits:

Once you log on, a Personal Session Manager appears.
(Click [Minimize] to move it to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.)

  • Time Remaining tells you how much time you have.
  • An Inactivity Warning shows if your PC is idle for too long.
  • Timeout warnings appear before your session will end.
  • Always click [End Session] when you are finished.
  • Library Is Closing warnings display before the library closes.
  • You are limited to a set amount of computer time per day, which varies according to the library site’s capacity.


Lock Your Computer Session:

Lock Computer allows you to save your current computer session if you need to leave for a few minutes (to pick up a printed document, ask the librarian a question, use the restroom, etc.)


SAM lets you see a list of all your print jobs prior to printing.

  • Use Print Preview to see how many pages you are about to print.
  • SAM Print Manager shows Current Account Balance, Total Number of Free Pages, Total Number of Pages, Price per Page, and Total amount owed.
  • Printing costs 10 (ten) cents per page for black/white, $1.00 for color printing.
  • See library staff to add money to your account.

Your Privacy is Important:

SAM ensures your privacy while using the library’s computer. When you log off the Internet, SAM deletes all the sites you visited and also any “Favorites” and “Bookmarks” Your printing information will also be deleted.

Please remember to end your session before you leave the computer!