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These policies have been adopted by our Board of Directors and govern the District in all that it does. Copies of these policies can be downloaded in PDF by clicking the links. You may also ask at any public service desk to have copies of the policies printed for you.

Animals in library [Nov 14, 2016]

Animals in library.pdf

Anti-racism Statement [Oct 11, 2022]

Anti-racism Statement.pdf

Board Governance (bylaws) [Jan 11, 2016]

Board Governance (bylaws).pdf

Bulletin Board [Jan 8, 2018]

Bulletin Board.pdf

Cardholder responsibility statement [Dec 14, 2015]

Cardholder responsibility statement.pdf

Code of Conduct [Sep 19, 2016]

Code of Conduct.pdf

Collection Development : Materials Selection and Withdrawal [Nov 18, 2019]

Collection Development, Materials Selection and Withdrawal.pdf
  •  See Contact Us/Let Us Know page for Reconsideration Form

Digital Archive Copyright Statement [Mar 14, 2022]

Digital Archive Copyright Statement.pdf

Fee Schedule [Oct 10, 2016]

Fee Schedule.pdf

Gift Materials and Donations [Dec 14, 2015]

Gift Materials and Donations.pdf

Intellectual Property Policy [Sep 8, 2014]

Intellectual Property Policy.pdf

Library card eligibility [Apr 8, 2019]

Library card eligibility.pdf

Library Use Restrictions [Mar 9, 2015]

Library Use Restrictions.pdf

Meeting & Study Room [Sep 12, 2023]


Parking Lot Policy [Mar 13, 2017]

Parking Lot Policy.pdf

Personal Use of District Resources [Oct 14, 2013]

Personal Use of District Resources.pdf

Personnel Policies [Oct 2016]

Personnel Policies.pdf

Photography, Recording, Filming [Feb 10, 2019]

Photography, Recording, Filming.pdf

Privacy and Confidentiality of Library Records [Dec 9, 2013]

Privacy and Confidentiality of Library Records.pdf

Programming & Outreach Policy [Oct 10 2016]

Programming & Outreach Policy.pdf

Public Complaint / Patron Grievance [Dec 13 2021]

Public Complaint - Patron Grievance.pdf

Public Contracting Rules [Aug 15 2023]

FY23-24_R-004 Public_Contracting_Rules_APPROVED.pdf

Public Records Policy [Aug 10, 2015]

Public Records Policy.pdf

Social Media in the Workplace [Jul 10, 2017]

Social Media in the Workplace.pdf

Social Software Policy [Mar 12 2018]

Social Software Policy.pdf

Staff use of Collection Materials [Aug 12, 2017]

Staff use of Collection Materials.pdf

Technology Use [May 11, 2015]

Technology Use.pdf

Time, Manner, Place - public demonstrations [Jan 14, 2019]

Time, Manner, Place - public demonstrations.pdf

Unattended Children [Feb 11, 2013] 

Unattended Children.pdf

Vehicle Use Policy [Mar 8 2021]

Vehicle Use Policy.pdf

Video Security & Records [Feb 13 2017]

Video Security & Records.pdf

Visitor & Non-resident Card Fees [Oct 21, 2019]

Visitor & Non-resident Card Fees.pdf

Volunteer [Mar 10 2014]