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Interlibrary Loan Request

Out-of-SAGE Interlibrary Loan Request

With this form you can request a book from another library.

Out-of-SAGE Interlibrary Loan Policy

  1. A maximum of 2 requests at any time.  A request is considered active from the time it is initiated until three days after the material is returned.
  2. The library is unable to borrow items published in the current calendar year.
  3. The library is unable to borrow bound periodicals (magazines), but will request photocopies from microfilm if available.
  4. ILL cannot borrow items printed before 1800.  We will try to request physical or digital reproductions if available.
  5. Patrons owing fines of $5.00 or more and/or lost materials may not request interlibrary loans until the fines have been reduced, a payment plan is in place, and/or the lost materials are cleared.  The library will not process ILL requests for patrons with overdue ILL materials.
  6. I understand materials must be returned by their due date to avoid late charges of $1 per day and that interlibrary loan items are not renewable.
  7. The library will request spoken word audio, including language instruction on tape or CD.

New Fee Policy

  1. Lending Library Fees:  The library will always try to borrow items from libraries that lend free of charge.  If a free source is not available, the patron will be required to pay the charges.  The patron will be notified and given an opportunity to decline the requested materials and the lending library fees.
  2. There will be no postage charge for items borrowed from libraries that participate in the ORBIS CASCADE ALLIANCE (member courier service).  We will make every effort to borrow interlibrary loan requested items from a library within the ORBIS Cascade Alliance Courier Service, serving Oregon, Washington and parts of Idaho.

General Information

For Newspapers or Magazines. If you are requesting a magazine or newspaper article...

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