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Materials Review Request Form

The Library Board recognizes the right of individuals to question the inclusion of materials in the Library collection. The Library will give serious consideration to the opinion of individuals who reside or own property in Baker County.

Individuals questioning material in the Library collection may ask Library staff about such material. The staff Person In Charge of the Library at the time will hear and record these concerns, give the patron a copy of this policy, and refer the patron to the Library Director for further discussion or written response.

Individuals still questioning Library materials may submit their opinion in writing on a form provided by the Library.


 The form will be sent to the Library Director who will consult with staff to review the patron's concern and material in question and make a determination, or refer the matter to a Library staff member committee. If referred, a Library staff member committee will provide a recommendation to the Director as to whether the material was appropriately selected and made accessible under this policy.

The Director will review the recommendation, make the final decision, and reply to the individual in writing. The Director will keep the Library Board of Directors informed of all requests for reconsideration of library materials and their disposition. The Director will also report the challenge incident and outcome to the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom.

Persons still wishing to express concerns to the Library Board about materials in the collection will be heard during a regular meeting under the agenda item "Public Comment" or at another time designated by the Library Board for public expression. The Library Board, after receiving testimony from the public and from the Library Director, may decide whether the Library's actions are in accordance with Library policies or may refer the matter to a Materials Review Committee.

The Materials Review Committee will consist of three or five persons appointed ad hoc by the Library Board and will include the Library Director or professional library staff member for the subject area of the item in question.


The review committee takes the following steps:

a.    checks general acceptance of the material by reading reviews and consulting recommended lists;

b.    reads, views, or listens to the material;

c.    determines the extent to which the material fits the selection policy;

d.    discusses materials confidentially.

e.    submits a written recommendation report to the Library Board.

If the Library's actions are determined to be in conflict with Library policies, the Library Board will direct the Library Director on another course of action.