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Resolution "Against Book Bans" approved by Library Board

At its September 13 2022 regular meeting, the Library Board of Baker County Library District approved a resolution declaring “We are united against book bans.” The full text of the resolution is below.

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Resolution No. 2022-23.04

Against Book Bans

WHEREAS, reading is a foundational skill, critical to future learning and to exercising our democratic freedoms; and

WHEREAS, libraries provide access to books that offer teachable moments for readers of all ages and expand our understanding of people with different backgrounds, ideas, and beliefs; and

WHEREAS, books are tools for understanding complex issues; and

WHEREAS, limiting young people’s access to books does not protect them from life’s complex and challenging issues; and

WHEREAS, young people deserve to see themselves reflected in a library’s collection; and

WHEREAS, librarians are professionals trained to not impose their own thoughts and opinions on which ideas are right, but to make knowledge and ideas available so that people have the freedom to choose what to read; and

WHEREAS, removing and banning books from public libraries or public schools is a slippery slope to government censorship and the erosion of our country’s commitment to freedom of expression; and

WHEREAS, a large majority of Americans across the political spectrum oppose book bans; and

WHEREAS, book bans harm communities; then

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Directors of the Board for Baker County Library District endorse the following statement:

Individuals should be trusted to make their own decisions about what they read and believe. Further, parents should not be making decisions for other parents’ children about what they read.

We are united against book bans.

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we as Baker County Library District will act to protect the rights of everyone to access a variety of books, in schools, in libraries, in bookstores, online, and elsewhere.